Seeing is believing

If you think you've seen it all.....Think again.  You won't believe your eyes or your ears! This little band blurs the line and redefines what a live show is. With over the top energy and such a huge sound you'll catch yourself trying to find all the other performers on stage.

Get ready for something more

This is more than just a musical performance.  From laid back dinner shows to full blown rock concerts, this little band packs a big punch. Take a live music show, throw in a little comedy, add some crowd participation......That's a Chico and Chris Show.  Come prepared to have a great time.


Meet The Band:


 Chico McCollum (Drums)

Not your typical drummer.  Chico will not fade into the background and be ignored.  Bringing stick tricks and solid in-the-pocket or over-the-top delivery, this mohawked madman drives the show like no other.  With plenty of stage and studio experience, his raw talent shines through with every performance. 

Chico uses a mixture of acoustic and electronic drums to create his monster drum sound.  Reason (Propellerhead Software) is the software of choice to help create the Chico and Chris drum sound.  Some people (mistakenly) think that since Chico is using electronic drums, everything must be just triggered loops and pre-recorded.  THINK AGAIN!  Watch closely and you will see everything you hear happening right before your eyes.....and ears. 

 Chris Hergenroder (Vocals/Guitar)

It takes more than just singing to make a great frontman.  This is the whole package.  Chris delivers smooth vocals.... easily transitioning through an amazing vocal range.  From laid back ballad to hard hitting rock, it’s always a powerful performance.  The guitar sound for Chico and Chris is created by Chris’s approach to “playing with the dirt”.....taking all those little nuances like feedback and harmonics and instead of trying to squash them out of the mix.....embracing them and using them to his advantage.

Chris plays Fender acoustic guitars.  The live guitar sound is usually enhanced with just a touch or reverb.  Nothing fancy going on here.....What you see is what you get. _________________________________________________________________________


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